Sports Park 60

A playground on the water.  The Sports Park 60 is a massive inflatable structure that measures roughly 130′ by 105′.  The Sports Park 60 includes an Oval, Long Jump, Podium, 3 Balance Beams, High Jump, Base, Bridge, Cliff, Slide, 4 Ponds, 2 SideKicks, 2 Trampolines, Swing, Curve, Deck, 2 Ramps, 4 Junctions, ActionTower, Flip and 18 Buoys.  Play tag, race your friends or climb up the Action Tower-this is where the action is.The Sports Park 60 will change the way people play on the water. Up to 60 persons of all ages will be entertained with an unforgettable experience and will want to come back many times over.  I think I could live on this.  More images and info after the jump. 

Visit Wibit, the makers of the Sports Park 60, HERE.


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