NESN’s Top 10 Funniest Athletes

In the world of sports, there are several characters and personalities that can easily make us all laugh.  The New England Sports Network has sorted through the many and have came up with a top ten list.  Check out the list and videos of each after the jump. 

10. Brian Willson

The San Francisco Giants closer is definitely one of the strangest professional athletes out there. From his crazy stories about creatures that live inside his beard, to wearing a spandex tuxedo to the ESPYs one year, Wilson has developed a puzzling schtick that makes some people wonder if the pitcher is really funny, or just a really weird guy. Either way, he (and his beard) can always be counted on for a good laugh or two.

9.Dwight Howard

There is no better way to categorize Howard than a little kid in a grown man’s body. As of late, NBA fans have complained of how childish his behavior has been, demanding a trade out of Orlando and refusing to sign anywhere but Brooklyn. Although he can be immature with management, he also has a little kid’s sense of humor too. Howard has been known to do some pretty great impressions, especially of former Magic coach Stan Van Gundy and Shaquille O’Neal.

8. Eli Manning

The typically quiet and blank-staring New York Giants quarterback surprised a lot of people with his appearance on Saturday Night Live in 2012. The two-time Super Bowl champion was a hit on SNL, making fun of big brother Peyton Manning and revealing his new sandwich-making touchdown dance.

7. Steve Nash

The two-time NBA MVP will fit perfectly in Los Angeles, a center for entertainment. Nash has been featured in several funny commercials, appeared on David Letterman, and loves to make spoofs of movies to post on YouTube.

6. Chad OchoCinco

The fact that Ochocinco proposed to his fiance while playing “Call of Duty” (with the head set still on) should tell you all you need to know about Chad. The wide receiver formerly known as Chad Johnson has been a riot in the NFL, making a name for himself with ridiculous touchdown dances and sayings like “kiss the baby,” and “child please.”

5. Wes Welker

The Patriots wide receiver was a huge hit in the sports world when he made fun of Rex Ryan and his foot-fetish, using witty foot-related comments 10 times in an interview. He also appears in the next video with ESPN’s Kenny Mayne and No. 4 on our list, Jared Allen.

4. Jared Allen

A four-time All-Pro defensive end chasing a midget around the desert? Classic. Everything that comes out Allen’s mouth is hysterical, whether he is talking about his mullet or belting out songs to fans, the Minnesota Vikings’ No. 69 is a riot.

3. Manny Ramirez

Nothing about Ramirez screams “comedic genius.” And that is exactly why he is one of the funniest professional athletes of all-time. All the crazy things he did on the baseball field were so senseless and ridiculous that people chalked it all up to “Manny being Manny.” The former Red Sox slugger just wanted to have a good time, and he always made sure we did too. From high-fiving fans, to hanging out inside the Green Monster and becoming the only player clueless enough to make a left-field cut-off, Ramirez was by far one of the funniest athletes ever.

2. Peyton Manning

Whether it’s his hilarious MasterCard commercials, his appearances on ESPN or the great skits while hosting Saturday Night Live, Manning has earned a reputation as one of the funniest athletes in the world of professional sports. He keeps it simple, doesn’t go overboard on the delivery and constantly makes us laugh.

1. Shaquille O’Neal

One of the NBA’s greatest centers of all-time, O’Neal soaked up the spotlight and always gave fans something to laugh about with his comments. He insults TNT’s Craig Sager and even swears on live television. O’Neal called out the Lakers’ rival the Sacramento “Queens.” He has nicknamed himself “superman”, “the big diesel”, the “big Aristotle”, among many more names. Shaq had his own TV show, Shaq Vs., and starred in a movie Kazaam. He danced with the “Jabbawockeez” at the NBA All-Star Game, and even declined he knew who Kobe Bryant was in an interview. Shaq has never failed to entertain us, and is never afraid to “go there” and say whatever he thinks.



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