Robert Raimon Roy- “Robert Raimon Roy”

Discovered in 2005 by Grammy Award-winning American singer-songwriter Erykah Badu, the artist Robert Raimon Roy (formerly known as Rob Roy) is making a name for himself due to his post-hip hop and deconstructed R&B.  He’s been blogged about by Kanye West and gotten props from Pharrell and Justin Timberlake.  Robert Raimon Roy is a half-French, half-Filipino rapper and singer as well as a talented writer, producer, painter, drawer, and conceptual artist from Jacksonville, Florida.  “Robert Raimon Roy,” is the first single, from his forthcoming album, Le Tigre Blanc.  When asked about the name change, Rob Roy stated that one of the reasons was because he appreciated the improved internet search results.  Hopefully those improved internet search results help to finally get him the recognition he deserves.  Visit the Robert Raimon Roy official site HERE.


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