ScarJo Takes a Spill

Scarlett-Johansson-Falls-Down-Internet-TakesWhen Scarlett Johansson took a spill I’m sure she knew people would no about it.  But now the internet world has been photoshopping her into several situations and they have become an Internet sensation.  Check out more photoshopped images after the jump.

Scarlett-Johansson-Falls-Down-Internet-Takes-1 Scarlett-Johansson-Falls-Down-Internet-Takes-2 Scarlett-Johansson-Falls-Down-Internet-Takes-3 Scarlett-Johansson-Falls-Down-Internet-Takes-4 Scarlett-Johansson-Falls-Down-Internet-Takes-6 Scarlett-Johansson-Falls-Down-Internet-Takes-7 Scarlett-Johansson-Falls-Down-Internet-Takes-8 Scarlett-Johansson-Falls-Down-Internet-Takes-10 Scarlett-Johansson-Falls-Down-Internet-Takes-9


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