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20 Minute Art Piece

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Childish Gambino by ILLtheArtist

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Money Art

Collage artist Mark Wagner adds extra value to his artworks by creating his masterpieces out of real dollar bills.

ILL Portraits

1230 copy

ILL Portrait Prints on sale now through Etsy for a limited time for only $6.  Order HERE.  Check out more after the jump.  Continue reading

Andreas Preis Illustration

andreas-preis-03Check out some intricate geometric illustrations of animals by German artist, Andreas Preis.  More after the jump.  Continue reading

Artists Talk: Raymond Pettibon

Arrested Development’s Alia Shawkat packs a dip and talks art, baseball, and music with the artist Raymond Pettibon.

RISK – The Skid Row Mural Project

In this new film by Todd Mazer, Risk travels into Skid Row with the goal of brightening up the bleakest of surroundings.