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Manny Being Manny

Here are some great Manny Ramirez bloopers.  My favorite player of all time.  It’s too bad his comeback didn’t pan out this year.


The Office (All Bloopers Together)

Here is all The Office Bloopers combined into nearly two hours of funny.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Season 7 Blooper Reel)

The only thing that can be better than ten minutes of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia bloopers is 11 minutes of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia bloopers.  Unfortunately we only have ten.  Sorry.

The Office Bloopers

Would you like to have the best 18 minutes of your day start right now?  Then press play, sit back, and enjoy these 18 minutes of bloopers from seasons 2 -7 of The Office.

Family Feud Fails

For 35+ years Family Feud has provided tons of funny, weird, and so of the most disturbing responses.  Here’s the best of the worst.