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“a beautifully written declaration of love”



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ILL Portraits

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ILL Portrait Prints on sale now through Etsy for a limited time for only $6.  Order HERE.  Check out more after the jump.  Continue reading

B-Rit- Perfect (Album)

Perfect Draft 2It’s finally here.  After a few months of not hearing much from rapper and funny guy B-Rit, he drops his new album “Perfect”.  Perfect features songs about “pillows”, big booty girls, still living at mom’s house, and being perfect.

B-Rit – The Randumb Animolez

B-Rit brags about the fame and success of his fictional band in this new track titled “The Randumb Animolez”.  For more music from B-Rit be sure to check him out HERE.

Get Off My Bus

A 25-year-old female passenger on a Cleveland, Ohio RTA bus was recorded throwing insults at a bus driver.  At one point something caused the bus driver to stop, get out of his seat, and land a quick uppercut on the women.  The driver, who was with the RTA for 22 years was suspended immediately.  “She want to be a man, I’m gonna treat you like a man,” the driver announces to the screaming crowd.  RTA officials are unsure when the uppercut incident occurred, but they believe it happened on Sept. 18, according to The Smoking Gun.  Also, just a side note.  This guy sounds exactly like Samuel L. Jackson.

Twon, D-Stoned, & Geech- U.G.K. (Mixtape)

Toledo’s own D-Stoned, Twon, & Geech come together to create their first collaboration mixtape titled “U.G.K.”.  The collabo project U.G.K. (Underground Kings), is produced thorugh the Bluemouth  label.  Be sure to stay tuned for D-Stoned’s “Medusa’s Eyes” project dropping sometime in the near future.  Featured below is the first song off the mixtape.  Stream U.G.K. over at DATPIFF or download the mixtape HERE.